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 Information for Safe Practical Use in the Workplace

Portable Petrol Cut Off Saws

 1 Introduction

4 Protective Equipment

 2 Machine Features

5 Transporting Saws

 3 Understanding Wheels

6 Pre Shift Checks

7 Refuelling the Saw

8 Starting the Saw

9 Using the Saw


This video is a complete all in one play as taken from the Youtube Web site and recommended for trainnig use via Stihl UK, it is made in conjunction with SKANSKA & Cskills Awards.


Stihl along with CITB are developing a 2 Day Instructor Training Course.

G&T Training Services


Hand Held Portable Disc Cutter Course for workers using the Petrol Cutters otherwise known as Stihl Saws (tm).


This course covers all essential information for safe use of a petrol saw plus all the information required to select the discs, check the discs, mount the discs and use the equipment safely.


It cuts out all Bench Grinders, Angle Grinders, Pedestal Grinders. The reason for this is that ground workers generally use this equipment only and a full Abrasive Wheels course is actually more information than you need. Quite often the ground worker doesnt even buy the discs and uses what is given to him by the stores department.


For a full course of experienced workers training/assessment 10 persons can attend. For full operator training we recommend up to 6 people for more quality to be acheived.


Cost per Course £350.00 inclusive of G&T Training Services Certificates


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